In English

Outinen Riding Centre is located on Outijoki-river by the main highway nr 5 about 10km north from Kemijärvi towards Sodankylä.

We are at a lovely spot where the highway runs along the Kemijärvi-Lake and the Outi-river runs into it. We have a couple of neighbours, but the roadless wilderness starts from out backyard.

Our farm is surrounded by fields where reindeer and horses graze year round. We also have an outdoor riding arena for lessons and for horse-jumping. You are welcome to come by any time to visit our friendly animals which also include cats and a dog. The forest is a backdrop to the farm and all paddocks have also trees for the animals as well as manmade shelters. The reindeer stay always outside, while all the other animals are housed inside for the nights.

We are a rural farm, so bring along time and wear boots. Besides Mia, the propieter and her family you may meet many of the local riders, who also enjoy spending time looking after the horses they ride. Come along and feel at home.

In the summertime we run riding camps with dormatory style accommodation, which is available for public on B&B basis when camps are not running.

Our main goal is to keep the Finnhorse breed viable in Finland. We offer different services so that everyone has the chance to get to know this gorgeous horse breed and this is also our way to finance the raising of Finnhorses. At the moment there are 15 horses situated in Outijoki. We are leading a slow life, attuned to the horses' needs. For us, the horses' and reindeers' needs come first and the days are very different and interesting. At the Outijoki the visitor only needs to look at a horse herd on the other side of the fence in order to get into a good mood.